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Powerz rubber expansion joints
flexible components for various applications
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Powerz rubber expansion joints
large stock availability: ready-to-ship
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Powerz rubber expansion joints
absorption of axial, lateral and angular movements in all directions
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Powerz rubber expansion joints
various rubber qualities for all operating media
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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

A step-by-step order placing
Requesting for a quotation
To request a quotation for rubber expansion joints in the Powerz online store you do not need to register. You just move around the website in the looking for a desired product by using the product menu or search string. On the page with an overview or a detailed description of the product you should enter the required number of items. You can add to your shopping basket various products or different sizes and types of one product at the same time. When clicking the “Your shopping basket” button, you will automatically proceed to your list of the selected items.
Your shopping basket
The items you have selected are always easy to find in the upper right corner, or on the pages with the overview and a detailed description of the product, next to the products display. If necessary, you can again adjust the selected quantity of the goods in your basket (“Your shopping basket” button). To remove the products you can click the X symbol standing next to the item that you do not want. When you finally decide on the quantity of goods, you should fill in the empty boxes located below, specifying your family name and contact details. After checking your shopping basket for correct choice and proper quantity of goods you should then click the “Request for a quotation without commitments" button. Within the 24 hours period we will send our quotation for the requested items to your indicated e-mail address.
Confirmation by e-mail
After we have rechecked all the data, such as availability of goods, we will send you a quotation without commitments. Among other things, it also contains information about an approximate delivery date. If you have not received such confirmation email, please check your spam folder again and, if so required, adjust the security filter of your e-mail inbox so that e-mail letters sent from the address could arrive into the incoming correspondence from reliable senders.
General information about the request
Are all the items from the Powerz online store actually in stock and available? What is the delivery period?
The indicator of goods availability will inform you whether the item is in stock.
The delivery time for products available from stock, is typically within 1 - 4 working days. Regarding the delivery times for the items out of stock, we normally advise individually.
Should you wish to get more accurate information on specific products, feel free to contact us by telephone, fax, e-mail or through our contact form. All these details you can find by following the "Contact Us" link.
Can I also place a request for products from the Powerz online store by telephone, fax or e-mail?
Of course, you can request the desired products through telephone, fax or e-mail. In such case, we will contact you within 24 hours.
Can I collect the goods I have ordered?
Picking up from the location at Töging am Inn, 84513, Germany, is basically possible after the date was agreed with us in advance by a phone call. If you visit us without a prior notification, then due to organizational reasons we cannot guarantee that the goods will be prepared for your collection.
I have already sent my order, but I would like something else to be included there.
In our company, you can place orders several times a day without any problems. All the orders received before 14:00 approximately are consolidated (if the time is pressing, please phone call us, to be on the safe side). Therefore, you pay for the postage only once.
Where can I indicate additional information and suggestions for my request?
In the "Comments" box, you can specify any additional data about the request, relevant for a smooth process. You do not need to fill in this box if you do not have any additional specific requirements.
Questions about delivery and return of the goods
How do I receive the goods?
If all the goods required are in stock, your purchase order will be dispatched within 1- 4 working days. An invoice for your order will be sent to you shortly by post or by e-mail. You need to remit the amount indicated therein, complying with the payment terms. After the invoiced amount was received in our bank account, the order will be considered completed.
How long do I have to wait for the delivery?
After completion of the ordering process, you will receive an e-mail from us with the order confirmation, which will contain the detailed information. Kindly note that the delivery time depends on the availability of goods in stock. If all the requested items are in stock, the order is usually shipped within 1 - 4 working days.
Can you ship goods by an express delivery?
Yes, we can. In very urgent cases we can also arrange an express delivery. More details about various possibilities for this, as well as the additional costs can be learnt by contacting us via e-mail or directly by phone calling to +49 8631 166 88 38.
Can I get my order delivered by a certain date?
If you wish to receive your ordered goods at a specific date, then you should indicate this in the "Comments" text box. If possible, we will take it into account when arranging the delivery.
Which countries can I make my Powerz online shopping from?
Orders may be placed from any country. However, the costs of shipping, customs export processing and customs clearance, as well as for making payments will be at your own expense.
Can a delivery be carried out to any destination address / P.O. Box?
You can specify any postal address as a place for delivery. However, we make no shipments to P.O. Box addresses.
Can I return the goods purchased from the Powerz online store?
Of course you can send the goods back to us. In such case, you will have to pay any costs involved. You must arrange despatch to the following address: Powerz GmbH, Aluminiumstraße 1, D-84513, Töging am Inn, Deutschland. Make sure to mark it with the "return of goods to online store" note, or attach a copy of our delivery note. Immediately after that was arranged, you will receive a replacement or refund, as agreed between us.
Do I have to pay for shipment of the returned goods?
If a purchase order was processed without any fault on our part, then the costs for returning the goods shall be borne by the customer.
Questions about payments
What types of payments are accepted by the Powerz online store?
Usually, the payments are done through invoicing. Besides, we can propose making an advance payment or cash on delivery (this involves additional expenses). Please indicate the type of payment convenient for you in the "Comments" text box, in case it is different from the payment against an invoice method.
What is the bank account I must pay to for my order?
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